A little About Me

I live in Wellington Somerset, with my gorgeous wife, and lovely little boy Joseph. I love Wellington, its such a great little town with everything you need. Scenic parks, and forests to keep the landscape photographer in me satisfied.

My real passion is photographing people, people are such interesting subjects, no two are the same (except twins I guess). The best thing about people is the emotion they display and how that comes across on film.


I started with a film camera I can’t remember the make but I loved it. It was my dad’s, he taught me the basics,how to hold it, the functions of the two dials and positions on the smooth zoom of short lens. The hardest thing to learn was why the pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted. The problem with film is, it takes too long to see the end result. Even though I love the “feel” of an image on film, I wanted more, more images quicker results. Lucky, my father embraced the digital age and brought Fujifilm bridge camera, a whole 8MP of sensor!, ridiculous size of image could be captured. So much detail, electronic zoom, and the best thing was you could see the image straight after taking it! I was hooked. Without my Dad, and his love of photography, I wouldn’t have found a hobby and now business that I love.

Wedding Photography

I fell into wedding photography by taking my camera along to a family wedding, I was told the pictures I took were “surprisingly good”. I started to take more and more pictures, and be came to be know in my circle of friends “as the guy with the camera”. My wife on multiple occasions has advised that said camera, will be placed where the sun doesn’t shine if I don’t get it out of her face!

I took a giant step some years back and took on my first paid wedding photography job. I knew I could do it, but the sheer fact someone had paid me to do what I love spurred me on. Wow, I was horrendously nervous, so much so, I created list after list photos to take, scouted the venue from Google Earth, researched the venue to best of my ability, and sweated through my shirt on the day through nerves!

But, it went well, better than expected really. Yes, there were a few little technical mistakes, but everything was captured as requested, and most importantly the couple were over the moon with the pictures. I learnt a great deal from that first job, nerves are always a good thing, embrace them, use them.

Since then, I haven’t stopped, booking the occasional wedding in the early years and learning my style. As the years rolled on, more weddings came, and I learnt that I wanted to do this as my only job. A few moves around the country and I have landed in Somerset. Now the hard work starts, turning my passion into a successful business.



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