Interview with Kien of KB Wedding Films

Interview with Kien of KB Wedding Films

I worked with the talented Kien for what seems like the hundredth time at a recent wedding hosted by Aldwick Estate in Somerset. This is the start of new series getting know suppliers.

Have a read of the interview or if you fancy it have a listen.

Dan: I am with Kien today, Kien, tell me about your business.

Kien: So my name’s Kien and I run KB wedding videography. I cover weddings in the Southwest and all over the country. I’ve been doing this since 2015, and my first ever wedding was with Dan and he showed me the ropes, the first wedding. He showed me what to do, and then we carried it on.

Dan: How long ago was that though? That must have been seven.

Kien: Yeah, about seven years.

Dan: Seven years ago. Yeah, seven years ago. And we’ve known each other for a long time, but what, what brings your passion to your job? What makes you get up to do your job every day?

Kien: So I just really enjoy weddings, seeing the couples have the best moments of their life. The day flies by for us both. Um, compared to when we capture a wedding, it goes quick for us as well. So it’s just fun. Show them enjoying their day and, and engaging all their family and friends.

Dan: And one thing I wanna know is give our couples one tip about their wedding.

Kien: So with videography, it’s always good. Have a good speech, for instance, for the best man and groom because the speech can make part of the audio in the video and it should be good anyway. It’s just good also having some poses in mind. For instance, I like getting couples to walk towards camera and walk away, and that just helped the highlight videos. It shows more of a venue and shows more of a couple being intimate with each other.

Dan: And last question, what’s your favourite type of venue?

Kien: So, my favourite time at venues basically depend on the couple, as long as it’s got nice indoor and outdoor opportunities for us. If it’s raining on a wedding day, we can do stuff inside. Or if it’s got some nice grounds, we can take the couples for some lovely portrait sessions. So just having a good use of space at venues. Really good.

Dan: That’s perfect Kien. Thank you so much. Two minutes now let’s grab some food.

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